He lived ready... Aaron S. Williams, 29, passed away February 4, 2010 following a long, proud and fierce battle with kidney cancer. A valiant warrior, he lived his life with graceful purpose. Diagnosed with cancer at the age of 16, Aaron deliberately marched to the beat of a different drum, defying all medical odds to graduate from Brentwood Christian High School in 1999 and the University of Texas in 2004 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. His talents were employed as a Research Engineer at U.T.'s Center for Electro-Mechanics. Aaron taught us how to live. His indomitable spirit, unwavering obsession for Star Wars and gaming, selfless love for family and friends, and contagious passion for Christ inspired all.

Friday, February 19, 2010

memories from his friends on World of Warcraft

I wanted to share these emails that were sent when the guild had heard about Sam's death.

I had the pleasure of meeting Star and Tara once on a trip to Dallas. He was a fun person and easy to talk to. There was no ice to break -- we just jumped right in and had an enjoyable and very nerdy (and long) conversation over Mexican food, and even some margaritas. I'm sure the waiters were appalled with our discussion of WoW strat and WoW successes/failures. Goodkitty was even dressed like a kitty. Star looked like a jedi knight in training.

To me what was so amazing about Star was to have been such a positive person even though he was battling a devasting disease for half his life. He always brought humor, optimism, and a lightness to our runs. I have many fond memories of playing WoW with him. Here are a few.

- Star pulling AQ20. We would all stand in the back (way back). Remember how we sent him out there to "go get us started, Star"? Inevitably chaos would follow, and generally half the people would run out of the instance. It was always good for a fun laugh and he never seemed to mind being the sacrificial hunter.

- The uncharacteristic Star, having a drink during Gruul's lair. It must have been a special occasion, for Star was having a drink during a night of raiding Gruul. Star was mumbling about needing to go to sleep, and Goodkitty chimed in with something to the effect, of "dont worry honey, I'll take care of you". It was very sweet :)

- Starczar, organizing the Friday night runs. This was a thankless job, and he always tried his darndest to get people involved in the runs. His emails on the drafts were funny, but my favorite was the way he signed off -- Starczar.

Peace to you Star - we will miss you,


There are so many good things I could say about this man. Sam and Tara have long been two of my favorite people, ever since I met them through Aaron five or six years ago. He was always a pleasure to be around - a kind and gentle spirit, without anything bad to say about anyone. That said, he was also a ton of fun, with a very amusing penchant for mischief.

More relevantly to this particular group of people, Sam was the guy that let me know about this guild back in the BC era. He was the reason I kept playing this game, to be quite frank. Then he lured his best friend, and one of my best friends, into the addiction with us, which made it so much better.

I'll miss him.



Since a lot of people in the Corsairs and on this list are open about their spiritual beliefs, I will be too in tribute to SAM.

I hope to see you again next time around, SAM. Hopefully we'll be nearby enough that we can connect physically instead of just virtually.

SAM was a beautiful example of a human being, and I don't pass that kind of compliment out lightly. SAM was always so vocally reserved, but when he talked what he had to say was always poignant - whether humorous and witty (most often the case), or a good 'reality' check for the rest of us when we were getting down on ourselves for not accomplishing a goal. I really think SAM brought his never-quit-fighting attitude to every Corsair raid, as well as his terribly-worded emails that made me scratch my head and laugh in confusion. His web of beautiful, strong, and pure energy won't fade anytime soon for me, nor in the minds, hearts, and
lives of so many other Corsairs.



Michael Magnus Miller-Wilson

MEMORY: TEH HAWTNESS of Starlight. Elderly scantily clad female dwarven priest. And always willing to /dance in-between flash heals and fear wards!

To be continued in part two of this post.

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  1. WOW guys! pun intended and most happily meant! HE loved the guildies as comppletely as any RL friend. Thank you